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    We hurried 15 seasons , described as " inexperienced ", but also difficult to "practice " word to explain the pursuit and desire of our hearts , but we redouble our efforts ......
    Harmony: We respect the government , shareholders, employees, customers , suppliers and competitors , and strive to create a harmonious atmosphere , we firmly believe that a harmonious atmosphere to inspire employees greatest passion and creativity, to create more business opportunities for us to get win.
    Honesty : It is our commitment to their products , technologies and services essential ; are on society and the family basic responsibility . Our understanding of the integrity of others as we expect to get the same treatment.
    Open: We treat all kinds of new things with an open mind , a variety of cultures and ideas , and to draw strength , we follow the " natural selection ," the laws of nature.
    Team: Team is our source of strength and growth ahead , we are trying to find the best fusion of "personality " and " groups" , we just do not want every eagle soaring across the sky the same track , but we expect the same in a blue sky .
    Innovation : The time will change , the product will change , employees will change , customers will change ...... but we insist on innovation and beliefs never change.

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