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    Serious excess supply of phosphate fertilizer market prices continued weakness

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/3

    Data show that in September of phosphate fertilizer production 1,876,400 tons , an increase 81,300 tons , an increase of 4.53% ; fell 118,100 tons , a decline of 1.51 %. 1 to September phosphate cumulative production 15,454,000 tons , an increase of 2.7%. As can be seen from the data , because the fertilizer into the " Golden September and Silver October ," the shopping season , phosphate fertilizer production continued the upward trend since August ; cumulative production , but higher than last year , indicating that fertilizer production is still growing year by year , the oversupply problem more fat serious.
    Mainly due September phosphate fertilizer production plateau of recovery is to increase market demand. September is the traditional peak season of consumption of fertilizer , phosphate fertilizer companies more choice in September to increase the operating rate to cope with terminal demand. Other upstream sulfur market has experienced a rise in August Bora , the entire September in a downward trend, which reduces the production of phosphate fertilizer manufacturers cost pressures , the objective of boosting the rise in fertilizer production .
    As October is expected to further increase in downstream demand , phosphate fertilizer production will continue to rise in the short term . But in the long run, excess fertilizer market supply remains a serious problem , affecting domestic demand season on the market is gradually weakening , long- term fertilizer prices will remain weak .

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