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    Fertilizer monthly production capacity to reverse the declining trend

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/3

    According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics , in September China produced a total 6,953,000 tons of fertilizer (pure volume, the same below ) , an increase of 2.26% ; 1 to September total production of 60.462 million tons of fertilizers , an increase of 6.13% .
    Sub-species , the biggest increase in potash production , in September the country produced 608,400 tons of potash , an increase of 5.28% ; 1 to September cumulative production of 4.544 million tons of potash , an increase of 13.55% . Nitrogen growth ranked second , in September the country produced 4,468,400 tons of nitrogen , an increase of 3.52% ; 1 to September cumulative production of nitrogen 40,463,000 tons , an increase of 6.71 percent . Phosphate production was the fifth consecutive month of negative growth , but the decline has been significantly reduced, September production fell 1.51 percent , while the decline in the first few months were more than 3%.
    Fertilizer production increased , the main reason is the new plateau production capacity , due to the strong demand for fertilizer in previous years , a large profit margins, on a large number of new and fertilizer projects , currently these projects have been gradually put into operation . Despite the low price of fertilizer this year , some of the old unit was forced to stop production due to losses , but the new plant put into production is much greater than the increase in production minus the old device.
    In addition , after the October autumn fertilizer season , September autumn fertilizer manufacturers for the production of fertilizer and improved operating rates , but also makes the output appear to increase.

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