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    Chinas first "climate change adaptation strategies," published

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    Highland Title : China 's first " climate change adaptation strategies ," published on the high-level forum to address climate change Climate Conference held in Warsaw on 18 May , the head of the Chinese delegation , Xie Zhenhua , deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission announced by the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Finance, Agriculture Department , Bureau of Meteorology , Forestry and other ministries jointly prepared lasted more than two years to complete the " national strategy to adapt to climate change ," officially released . This is China 's first climate change adaptation specifically for strategic planning for improving the country's comprehensive ability to adapt to climate change is significant . Warsaw managing climate conference enters second week , the delegation of high-level forum to open . Xie Zhenhua said China 's response to climate change and air pollution the same root , complement each other . Response to climate change is China 's own development needs, please rest assured that all countries , China will never be lazy , will strive to do their own thing . The World Meteorological Organization recently released 2013 preliminary report that the world's climate conditions , 2013 was a modern record since 1850 has been the tenth warmest year. China released the " National Strategy for adaptation to climate change ," introduced during 1880 to 2012 , global land and ocean average surface temperature has increased by 0.85 ℃, the momentum will continue for future global warming , extreme weather events will continue to frequent . "National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy " that , according to the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change , the temperature increased by more than 2.5 ℃ , all regions of the world are likely to be adversely affected ; when the temperature rises above 4 ℃, it may bring irreversible global ecosystem the damage caused by the global economic major loss , the loss suffered by developing countries will be even more serious. Since the 1990s , China's average annual direct economic losses due to extreme weather events caused more than 200 billion yuan , more than 2,000 people died . Xie said that China is a developing country with a large population , climatic conditions are very complex , fragile ecological environment as a whole , is at a historic stage of industrialization , informatization, urbanization and the rapid development of modern agriculture , climate change has on food security, water security, ecological security, energy security , the safe operation of the town and the people 's lives and property posed a serious threat , arduous task of adapting to climate change , but the whole of society to adapt to climate change awareness and capacity is also generally weak. China 's " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly made to enhance the capacity to adapt to climate change , developing national climate change adaptation strategy. The strategic objectives of 2020, will need to adjust the specific implementation of the amendments in accordance with the changing situation and work. Address climate change , China has adopted a series of policy actions , and achieved positive results. By adjusting the industrial structure, optimize the energy structure, energy-saving energy efficiency, increasing carbon sinks , etc., in 2012 the national carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP fell 5.02 percent compared to 2011 , exceeding the annual target , greenhouse gas emissions growth is slowing down . At present , China has been identified in two batches of 42 provinces and cities in the low-carbon pilot provinces and cities , the main purpose of the pilot is actively exploring the region for low-carbon green development model , to build a low-carbon , green, green , recycling is characterized low-carbon industrial system , and actively promote low carbon green lifestyle and consumption patterns , and some pilot areas also proposed a target of total greenhouse gas emissions and emission control targets peak .

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