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    Physical progress achieved in Xinjiang where tantalum-based photocatalytic mater

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/7

    Conductor light photocatalytic technology can be used to stimulate the semiconductor conduction band electrons generated and valence band holes , oxidative degradation of organic pollutants or plateau also split water to get hydrogen. Therefore , photocatalytic technology has broad application prospects in the energy and environmental governance. The key constraints currently still in the development of photocatalytic developed efficient and stable photocatalytic materials . In recent years , the photocatalyst tantalate prepared with mainly made by a conventional high-temperature solid Method , the larger the high-temperature sintering synthetic method makes use of tantalum salt particles , the specific surface area is small , so that the photocatalytic activity is relatively low . Since the dissolution of Ta2O5 is extremely difficult and very difficult to achieve liquid-phase synthesis , research on photocatalytic material tantalate morphology control rarely reported . Therefore , controllable preparation tantalate photocatalytic materials is the difficulty of the current study.
    Preparation tantalate photocatalysts for the problems , Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics , Chinese Academy of Environmental Science and Technology Laboratory researchers carried out a molten salt - a new method for preparing tantalum salt water and heat combine research . Researchers using molten salt tantalum prepared a soluble salt precursor , adding alkali in the simple process of regulating the amount of hot water to achieve the regulation of nano tantalate different crystal faces exposed , the exposed surface is prepared { 111 nano } octahedral crystal faces and exposed faces of { 101} crystal planes nanosheets , the first time the main tantalum -based photocatalytic materials exposed planes regulation . After photocatalytic performance test results show that the photocatalytic properties of nano- octahedra are four times nanosheets , indicating that the crystal surface by exposing the regulation implements regulation photocatalytic properties . The study was prepared and screened efficient photocatalytic materials controlled tantalate provides a new approach and learn .
    Related research published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5 (20) :10260-10265.
    The research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China , Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents" , funded Xinjiang Youth Science and Technology Innovation personnel training project , autonomous international cooperation projects.

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