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    Figure levy new concept of visual technology: from defect detection to quality c

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/7

    Abstract: The print quality inspection system , most people would think is hot selling automatic seizure of goods , including a variety of format , various speeds , various configurations , many users have begun to introduce an automatic seizure of goods , users, devices value , etc., have also been recognized by the market .

           But any quality control measures , must start from the source , in the absence of the introduction of the seizure of goods , customers are through each step of the process of sampling and full inspection , statistical quality issues, and progressive feedback and control, automatic seized goods using the machine can only solve the problem of end detection plant , quality control process for each of the front , we need to have the corresponding technical means.

           Author of more than ten years of experience in conjunction with their print quality inspection system developed for cigarette packets, kits , box packaging printing market segments , describes the whole process printing quality 100% detection solutions , while domestic and international trends introduced the outline .

           2 cigarette packaging printing quality visual detection scheme cigarette packaging printing process, mainly based gravure printing , offset printing , supplemented , because high -quality tobacco factory packaging requirements , so its quality control methods are constantly developing improved . A typical cigarette packaging printing process is shown in Figure 1 , which includes a single cigarette brand delivery , and curl enlarging delivery : cigarette packaging printing, uses a lot of gold and silver cardboard , plain paper laser , beam laser paper, its surface craft , there are bumps varnish, printing varnish, radium , C squared laser transfer , etc., while , embossing , embossing, die-cutting and other local crafts are also essential , many of the processes together, for quality control means demanding.

           A) prepress processes in prepress links, cigarette companies because fewer product categories , PDF files and CTPRIP the plate after proofreading small workload , CIP3/CIP4 such as the latest manufacturing process are rarely popular. With increasing product range , by introducing " electronic presentation of the version of the system " to solve the file format conversion , prepress imposition error risk , RIP errors.

           B) printing online printing online testing process enlarging end testing process , currently has the latest high-precision gravure line detection system , can be less than 0.1mm wire cutter for gravure , overprint and India and other high-precision leak detection , Meanwhile, at home and abroad have developed a laser beam can be paper , plain paper laser printing result for color measurement of gold and silver cardboard "high spectral color measurement system " for white cardboard can get the same spectrophotometer and XRite color measurement results, and the reflection sheet , in the case XRite not work properly , high spectral color measurement system can obtain a stable , consistent color results. Measurement accuracy can be achieved 0.05ΔEab.

           For offset printing process , the main problem is caused by the color ink balance , dry water , ink and other printing defects , which focuses on color control , as well as part of the printing defect quality control . Visual quality solutions , mainly for the installation of on -line detection offset color measurement system , the implementation of a 100% defect detection and color ink key areas critical real-time measurement ; due to the offset line detection color measurement system needs to offset the existing structural reform in order to achieve system installation , if you want to achieve online offset waste removed , you need larger equipment modification action. The transformation of offset printing companies generally have doubts. Therefore , also derived from the line offset -independent measurement systems can be placed next to the offset , the configuration see the balcony , workers in the process of sampling , the sample directly to complete product line scan vision system also gives a printed 100% color defect detection result , and the ink key zone measurements.

           With the increasing quality requirements , offset manufacturers will further realize the value of quality testing online where you can before the new equipment factory , the transformation offset structure , including the installation space reserved for imaging systems , separate waste positions in its control system, the line will be greatly offset the promotion and application .

           C) cigarette printing quality control process of Process according to Figure 1 , includes several kinds of deformation process the body into coils , and a single process comprising Roll stamping , die-cutting roll to roll , leaflets bronzing, printing leaflets , pamphlets and other die-cutting , but also including some C squared (Cast & Cure) Varnish process . Step in the process will produce a lot of waste, such as scrap gold foil , varnish waste , cutting waste , etc. Therefore, the same need for cigarette packaging printing process automated quality control, process control is mainly divided into three categories of visual inspection equipment : 1 ) bronzing line detection system ; higher either Rotary or platen stamping machine , hot stamping quality version of pressure, temperature , hot foil , will result in the transfer of bad tipping , tipping is missing , such as quality defects , and gilt foil costs on -line quality inspection stamping machine , can greatly improve the yield levels , reduce costs and great value .

           Current domestic chains to flatten due to the narrow space , yet full-format detection systems can not be installed on stamping machine ; roll on roll stamping machine to have more space for installation , can be implemented online testing system transformation. Currently ninety-nine color , Qiaotong color printing, color printing and other intellectual source companies have pioneered the introduction of gilt -line detection system, bronzing quality control.

           2 ) Die -line detection system with embossed gilt -line detection system , the installation of detection systems in the die-cutting machine ( if the embossing and hot stamping process to be completed in the same can be achieved on -line detection embossing stamping machine ) , you can achieve the indentation , embossing and die cutting quality testing . Under normal circumstances , embossing quality control more difficult , is the focus of the process of detection.

           3 ) separate large single line quality inspection system in order to shorten the overall process chain, there are a lot of users at home and abroad , prior to cutting, the use of separate large single line quality inspection system for large single die-cut front for testing . Due to the high yield of die-cutting , so genuine big leaflets after detection , after die-cutting can be directly shipped without further factory final inspection ; waste large single detection after Zhang seized goods can last through the machines, or manual inspection , and then delivered the factory .

           In this way the process control technology , if the waste is higher than 20% ( large sheet of scrap rate ) , or a large number of relatively small Zhang Zhang imposition lower overall production efficiency. And because you want to ensure 100% authentic quality , large -format images leaflets 1020mm configuration system accuracy is higher, the higher one-time cost of inputs .

           D) factory final inspection process most domestic users when configuring the visual quality inspection system , are the first from the last part of the final inspection introduced ---- factory equipment , basically in a "stop -gap" state. But the factory final inspection process for the necessary equipment , we must first ensure that the product is not delivered to the customer defects . Therefore , final inspection equipment in the country 's fastest-growing , highest technical maturity . Cigarette factory for final printing quality visual inspection system is divided into Rewinder Inspection Machine and two single seizure of goods types.

           1 ) Rewinding Machine Rewinding machines, cigarette printing is ultimately delivered to the entire volume of the final inspection tobacco factory quality control systems , mainly for soft package products to Hongyun Honghe Group, " Red Cloud soft Jane " and Hongta Group 's " treasures Yuxi " oriented. Tobacco Factory in order to improve the efficiency of a pack of cigarettes , a pack of cigarettes is constantly on the machine transformation, and the introduction of a new pack of cigarettes machine, will eventually become a larger process of reform trend. Curly soft pack delivery , artificial basically can not use a single way of enlarging the sampling must be used Rewinding machine program for coil products for high-speed detection of defects detected after screening, according to a final cigarette factory requirements, a the market more than three joints, platters ship delivery. Yunnan currently 99 color printing, color printing Qiaotong , Yuxi through India , have already used the technology matured , the detection efficiency greatly improved compared to the manual .

           2 ) single seizure of goods leaflets seizure of goods in the country to promote the earliest , the highest rates . Cigarette leaflet seizure of goods , you can adapt enlarging hard case Zhang, soft bag, boxes and other products of the factory 100% quality testing. The highest detection rate has more than 100,000 / hour ( generally stable detection speed 60,000 / hour ) , configure the number of CCD cameras to expand from a 4 to 5 camera combined for testing.

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