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    Atmospheric pollution is worsening environmental protection equipment industry n

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/7

    Online monitoring of fraud , resulting in excessive emissions of soot ; Some unscrupulous companies from polluting a long time , and even the environmental protection department fines do not care . On these issues , there is no more stringent penalties ? In order to better control air pollution, the Environmental Protection Department of the next step will be to evaluate the previous emission standards , assessment, development of more stringent emission standards.

    Ten countries is extremely important to drive air pollution

    Environmental Planning Institute Previously on " Atmospheric ten countries," the environmental effects and socio-economic benefits were assessed. In the simulation period , the simulation analysis of the scope and chemical mechanisms on the basis of assessment to get up , " Atmospheric ten" goal. Assessment shows that the country, Beijing, Tianjin , the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region PM2.5 annual average concentrations will decline in 2013 compared to 22.08% , 33.99% , 23.98% , 24.04% , can be achieved , " the atmosphere ten" proposed annual average PM2.5 concentrations decreased target.

    " Atmospheric ten countries," After five years of hard work requires heavy weather significantly reduce pollution , the national ambient air quality has improved , the regional air of Beijing, Tianjin , the Yangtze River Delta , Pearl River Delta and other quality improved markedly. Then five years and strive to basically eliminate heavy pollution weather , the national ambient air quality improved significantly.

    On specific indicators , " the atmosphere ten countries," made in 2017 , the national level and above cities respirable particulate matter concentrations decreased more than 10% over 2012 , good days gradually increased ; fine Beijing, Tianjin , the Yangtze River Delta , Pearl River Delta region particle concentration decreased by 25% , 20%, 15% , of which the average annual concentration of fine particulate matter in Beijing controlled at about 60 micrograms / cubic meter.

    Assessment results show , PM2.5 largest regional decline mainly in Beijing , Tianjin, Shijiazhuang and other cities in the surrounding heavy pollution , followed by the whole of Beijing, Tianjin regions. In addition, " Beijing - Sanmenxia - Shanghai " for the pollution triangle vertices and the Pearl River Delta region PM2.5 larger decline . "PM2.5 concentrations decline in larger areas with high pollution areas PM2.5 high degree of overlap in space , reflecting the spatial differentiation control requirements ." Says Wang Jinnan .

    On " Atmospheric ten countries," the social and economic benefits , the introduction Wang Jinnan , governance involves a total investment of 1.7474 trillion yuan of industrial pollution control, clean energy alternatives , motor vehicle pollution control, strengthening central heating, integrated point source pollution remediation, environmental capacity construction, use of clean coal and operating costs of the eight projects , of which investment in pollution control industrial enterprises accounted for 36.7% , your investment in desulfurization , denitrification , dust and other air pollution control equipment construction based.

    MEP : excessive emissions expected to be eased , said

    16, 2009, Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection Pollution Prevention Zhaoying Min said, " is expected to amend the Environmental Protection Act ," a daily basis punishment " into them , so investigate corporate excessive emissions , it is not a one-time penalty , but by the number of days exceeding every day penalty . "

    " Accrued daily penalty " refers to pollution from the discovery of the day, to pollute the termination of the day, every day should be fined a certain amount of time longer contaminated , the more severe penalty.

    Participating in the Energy Foundation , held the day : When " Blue Sky International Symposium on Air Quality Remodeling management," said Zhao Yingmin MEP for the " Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan ," the State Council promulgated in enforcement against fraud and other aspects are specific, clear measures. "In fact , now the environmental protection department to check the plant , it is necessary to check the operation of coal-fired and working conditions ." Zhaoying Min said.

    Under current law , a maximum fine of one million yuan on polluters . In accordance with this provision , environmental law enforcement , no matter how long the offense is in a period of time can only make one penalty , and the amount of fines can not exceed the upper limit of the amount required by law .

    For some companies , these fines and interest received , compared often trivial , can not be deter and eliminate illegal sewage behavior of its role . " Illegal low cost, high compliance costs " is an important plateau because of frequent incidents of environmental pollution .

    Submitted in October this year, the fifth meeting of the second session of the National People's Congress conducted three amendments to the draft environmental law trial made it clear that the illegal discharge of pollutants enterprises and institutions , subject to fines , was ordered to make corrections , overdue correction , according to the law made the decision of the administrative organ may follow Highland penalty amounts consecutive daily fines .

    Environmental Industry experts said that the illegal discharge of pollutants to increase penalties for enterprises , so that they can not get the slightest profit from excessive emissions , and actually want to do this and lose his own capital , this really grabbed the sewage business seven inches , in order to make them stop.

    Environmental protection equipment industry need to upgrade technology

    Our industry has not been in accordance with the emission standards for the industry with clear classification , using the integrated emission standards, which originated prior to our detection level is not high , it is difficult to detect the specific indicators for each sector emissions values . Now raise the level of detection can detect emissions from various industries more precise , according to the emissions of different industries to develop more refined emission standards. In addition , the standard is more refined , help lay the foundation for environmental taxes gate .

    Industrial air pollution emissions is the gathering of high industrial emissions standards tighten further , industry threshold increase, will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and inter- enterprise restructuring pace , those environmental standards , high-productivity enterprises retained. From the current investment in various sectors of the environmental point of view, high environmental standards , if the company does not timely and effective environmental protection investment and reform , there may be a considerable number of enterprises are unable to meet emission standards, which will enable enterprises to accelerate the pace of technological upgrading .

    Hair "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Action Plan " , the State Council proposed to strictly control in addition to two high industry production capacity and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, especially made to 2017 , focusing on industry emissions intensity decreased more than 30% over 2012 requirements . Key industries, including steel , thermal power, petrochemical, chemical , nonferrous metals, cement industries , the current national policy in the steel , thermal power higher concern areas , these two sectors are under pressure of the ongoing transformation of policy , environmental protection investment also increased significantly , with implementation of environmental protection industry is closely docking, promote industry upgrading. In addition to steel and thermal power several other key industries , the future of the industry will also face major renovation , corporate environmental rectification in advance , will help improve the competitiveness of the industry , not the industry standard in the door.

    Investment Advisor in the release of " 2013-2017 China Air Pollution Control Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report " that the air pollution control industry is a typical policy guidance -oriented industries , the demand depends on the national environmental policy and downstream level of investment in fixed assets , its industry trends and environmental policies and the level of downstream investment in fixed assets has a strong correlation with unique periodicity. With increasingly stringent national environmental policy , the main atmospheric pollutants equipment industry will face a new round of investment in new or modified requirements.

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