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    Insulated aluminum profiles electronic universal testing machine to make aluminu

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/7

    Thermal insulation material connection profiles are made of aluminum alloy and composite profiles with insulation function , which consists of aluminum profiles and insulation materials. Insulated aluminum profiles to their complex is divided into two categories, one is wearing a type of insulated aluminum profiles , namely through the open tooth wear strip , rolling processes, people will wear strip insulation materials aluminum profiles wear of the tank , and make a firm bite is aluminum alloy composite made of thermal profiles . The other is cast aluminum alloy thermal profiles , insulation material that is injected into the liquid aluminum alloy casting and curing tank , removal of temporary bridges cast aluminum alloy tank to make it off the metal connectors through insulation materials the aluminum profiles combine the two parts of broken insulation profiles.

    Inspection insulated aluminum profiles are generally divided into three parts , namely, inspection testing aluminum alloy , composite insulation materials after inspection and insulated aluminum profiles . Insulated aluminum composite profile after the test items have dimensional variations , surface quality , vertical shear test , the transverse tensile test , torsion test , lasting high temperature load test , a heat cycle test , in which the size of the deviation , the quality of the surface , the longitudinal shear cut test each batch must be tested for the project , the transverse tensile test , torsion test, load test lasting high temperature , thermal cycling test is regularly inspected projects, namely in the form of test.

    Insulated aluminum profiles used for performance testing equipment and devices:

    ① dedicated shear testing machine for shear testing ;

    ② for tensile and shear tests ( e ) stretching ( or hydraulic universal ) testing machine ;

    ③ for high temperature , low temperature shear , tensile and thermal cycle test ( high and low temperature environment ) of the chamber ;

    ④ lasting for high temperature load test chamber ;

    ⑤ insulation profiles for shear , transverse tensile , torsional corresponding special test fixture test.

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