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    Electronic universal testing machine applications in the construction industry a

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/7

    Electronic universal testing machine is now used in more and more industries , especially now that the construction industry , because now to improve people's economic level , education level increases, the demands of life also improved, and the housing is an integral part of , and quality of housing has become builders of the event, so is constantly improving the material requirements , there is one of the most important tools for compliance testing materials , electronic universal testing machine, tensile testing machine , commonly known as e- period , and now electronic universal testing machine each manufacturer is very needed. The following Test Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan Heng Hua will tell you about the specific role of electronic universal testing machine .

    Specifically , the sensor means that information of a measured object having determined feelings ( or response ) and the detection function , in accordance with certain rules and to convert the output signals of the corresponding components or devices. If you do not start the measured sensor plateau accurate and reliable information capture and convert all accurate test and control will not be achieved ; Used Yamaha SMT no accurate information ( or conversion reliable data ) , undistorted input , also will not be able to fully play its due role.

    Sensing technology to detect the cutting process sensing purpose electronic universal testing machine cutting process and the machine running the process is to optimize the productivity of the cutting process , manufacturing costs , or ( metal ) material removal rate. Electronic universal testing machine cutting process sensor detects target of cutting force and cutting process has changed tremble cutting process , the tool and the workpiece contact and swarf cutting and cutting process state identification and, most important sensing parameters there cutting force , vibration cutting process , the cutting process acoustic emission, such as the motor power cutting process .

    Application , the main characteristics of high -quality sensors in electronic universal testing machine manufacture reflected : long life, high reliability, strong anti-jamming capability ; meet the accuracy and speed requirements ; easy maintenance , suitable for machine operating environment ; low cost ; easy connection with the computer . Electronic universal testing machine to machine operation is concerned , the main objectives are driven sensor detection systems, bearings and slewing system , temperature monitoring and control , and security , electronic universal testing machine sensing parameters are machine downtime , workpiece surface roughness and machining precision , power, machine status and coolant flow , etc. are .

    Electronic universal testing machine , also known as electronic tensile testing machine, mainly used in plastic sheet, pipe , profile, plastic film and rubber , wire and cable , waterproof materials, wire and other materials of various physical and mechanical properties testing, universal testing machine to the metal material and non-metallic materials for tension, compression , mechanical properties of bending, shear , peel and other test machine afterburner, electronic universal testing machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, different materials need not click here Add a caption with the fixture, but also test can proceed smoothly and the level of accuracy of the test results is an important factor. The main test new products as well as an important tool for measuring whether the standard of the product produced . This is the electronic universal testing machine main purposes .

    Specifically, electronic universal testing machine at the time of daily use , it should come from these areas for maintenance : For products used fixtured on the machine , you should pay attention to regular brushing rust oil , so as to maintain its performance. While electronic universal testing machine because the relatively high frequency of use clamps , so wear faster, more serious if the oxidation reaction time will make a small piston case of oil spills occur , it should be cleaned frequently fixture, while paying attention to rust oxidation reaction . The tightness of the clamp screws should also be part of the regular inspection found loose screws should be tightened in time .

    It should also be regularly for various sprockets electronic universal testing machine to check to see if the performance of its transmission and rotation is not smooth, if loose situation , you should adjust the tension state electronic universal testing machine tensioner place. Meanwhile in the electronic universal testing machine controller cable should also pay attention to maintain good contact its performance , if loose and fall cases occur , but also timely reinforcement, so as not to affect the normal use of electronic universal testing machine . While for the interface on the controller when in use must be kept accurately correspond to the state , do not appear interfaces inserted in the wrong circumstances, could result in equipment damage, and when the plug or unplug the controller interface , we must Make sure the power is in the OFF state .

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