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    "Enterprise Security Standardization" smooth implementation

    author:Admin  viewed:  Date:2014/1/3

    In order to better help companies produce safe operation, according to the national security situation and the development of local government requirements, Kunshan City Safety Committee in June has started safety inspections, requiring all enterprises to develop self-correction, the complete elimination security risks, and requires the company to establish a secure information management file "enterprise safety standardization", through the examination will be issued a "safety standardization certificate" countries. After receiving the notice, the company actively cooperate with the local security office, for a limited time have formed a valid file, on June 16 and received the initial review of Kunshan City Safety Office safety standardization special inspection team, in the review process expert Group on standardization run the file, the production site, forensics case, the company emissions, noise, water quality testing reports and other special operations stringent checks to make a detailed preliminary examination results achieved good results.

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