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    852 type temperature COS hydrolysis catalyst

    First, Properties and Uses
    The activity of the catalyst based on alumina as carrier, add special active ingredients can often , a new COS hydrolysis catalyst under low temperature , which may trace COS propylene, synthesis gas , CO2 gas, liquid hydrocarbons and kerosene CS2 and other organic sulfur hydrolysis of H2S, and KT310 series such as desulfurization catalyst operation , can achieve desulfurization effect. Further , since the surface of the hydrolyzing agent is very chemisorption , can also remove organic sulfur compounds and other common poisons chloride, cyanide , its performance is superior to the existing domestic COS hydrolysis catalyst .

    Second, product quality standards:
    Appearance white balls
    Spec Φ3 ~ 4 mm
    Bulk density of 0.70 to 0.85 kg / l
    Crush strength ≥ 50 N / Pieces
    COS conversion rate of ≥ 90%

    Third, the normal process conditions
    Operating pressure atmospheric ~ 8.0 Mpa
    Operating temperature 10 ~ 120 ℃ ( should operate above the dew point )
    The gas space velocity of 1000 ~ 2000 h-1
    Air Liquide Speed 1 ~ 5 h-1
    Bed height / column diameter > 3
    In the life of ≥ 1

    Fourth, industrial application and application prospects
    852 type temperature hydrolysis agent and KT310 -type zinc oxide sorbent can be used in tandem propylene , synthesis gas , CO2 gas, liquid hydrocarbons plateau feed the total sulfur in addition to 0.05ppm or less. Has been used in more than twenty , and more than twenty large and medium-sized continuous process of small methanol ( single alcohol -linked alcohol ) plant and Yanshan , Jinshan , Fujian , Dalian, before Guo , Tianjin Petrochemical Qilu two polypropylene or batch fertilizers devices. The product is due to the low operating temperature , simple operation, desulphurization and energy saving effect is obvious , has brought great economic benefits to the user , it has an extremely wide range of applications .

    Fifth, packaging and storage
    852 catalyst used iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging, barrel 35 kg . This product must not be in contact with moisture and other chemicals . Prevent the fall roll handling during transportation . Airtight storage for three years does not affect use.

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