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    KT407-1 type antichlor

    First, Properties and Uses
    Antichlor type KT407-1 is a newly developed improved products , the dechlorination agent with superior performance metal oxide as the active ingredient , preparation is made using a special process . KT407-1 type dechlorination agent suitable for regular , low temperatures , hydrogen, nitrogen , synthetic gas , gaseous hydrocarbons and other fine materials dechlorination plateau . At low temperature (-4 ~ 60 ℃) that have a high chlorine content and degree of purification . Even the high chlorine content of the feed Plateau 200ppm, after its deal with chlorine content may also be less than 0.1ppm.
    Second, product quality standards
    Appearance white strips
    Specifications Φ3 ~ 5 mm
    Bulk density 0.55 ~ 0.65 kg / l
    Strength > 60 N / pcs
    Penetration of chlorine capacity ≥ 25%
    Third, the normal process conditions
    Pressure ~ 5.0 MPa operating pressure
    Operating Temperature -4 ~ 60 ℃
    A space velocity of 500 ~ 3000 h-1
    Than the bed height and column diameter of > 4
    Imported Highland compound 1 ~ 100 ppm chlorine content
    Export plateau feed chlorine content <0.1 ppm
    Four industrial applications and application prospects
    KT407-1 type dechlorination agent has been successfully applied Maoming Petrochemical, Shanghai Petrochemical , Dalian Petrochemical , PetroChina Dagang Petrochemical , refinery catalytic reforming unit and Yan'an Refinery in Taiwan , its cleaning performance than similar domestic products.
    Fifth, packaging and storage
    KT407-1 type dechlorination agent used iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 30 kg . This product must not be in contact with moisture and acidic substances . Prevent the collision threw roll handling during transportation . Airtight storage for three years does not affect use. char-in I -?????? o LV X} U KT312 -based dechlorination agent using cardboard ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 20 kg . This product should not be in contact with moisture and acid oil, hazardous substances . Prevent the collision threw roll handling during transportation 

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