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    MA-2-type fine desulfurizer

    First, Properties and Uses
    Type MA-2 fine desulfurizer manganese desulfurization agent . Because adding special accelerator and unique preparation method of the desulfurization agent at room temperature and have a high desulfurization activity large sulfur capacity. Due to the larger surface area and greater crush strength in oxygen or oxygen-free conditions can be used in hydrogen nitrogen, hydrogen , natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons , ammonia , gas, shift gas , synthesis gas, carbon dioxide and other fine materials plateau off hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfur removal also have some effect .
    Second, product quality standards
    Appearance dark brown strips
    Size Ф4 mm
    Crush strength ≥ 70 N / cm
    A bulk density of 0.85 ~ 1.0 kg / l
    Sulfur capacity ≥ 20% (wt)
    Third, the normal process conditions
    Operating pressure atmospheric ~ 4.0 Mpa
    Operating temperature at room temperature (-10 ~ 60 ℃)
    Gas airspeed 100 ~ 1000 h-1
    Liquid airspeed 1 ~ 6 h-1
    Bed height / column diameter > 3
    Entrance hydrogen sulfide content <200 ppm
    Produced hydrogen sulfide content of ≤ 0.1 ppm
    Sulfur capacity ≥ 20% (wt)
    Four industrial applications and application prospects
    MA-2 -type desulfurization unit has been designed , applied to certain refinery gas, liquid hydrocarbons , hydrogen desulfurization process , with favorable results .
    Fifth, packaging and storage
    MA-2 -type fine desulfurizer used iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 40Kg. This product must not be exposed to moisture and acids, oil, hazardous substances. When transporting the need to prevent fall roll handling , collision .
    Sea ? ] ? ? ? Plateau material propylene "V? , And many medium-sized polypropylene unit arsine removal process due to the excellent arsenic removal catalyst , desulfurization performance, arsenic removal of import substitution to ensure the normal operation of a polymerization catalyst , improve product quality, has considerable economic benefits which can be used for arsenic removal of liquid hydrocarbons , such as Highland exhaust catalytic cracking feed arsenic removal .

    Fifth, packaging and storage
    KTA-2 -type temperature arsenic removal using iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 40 kg . This product must not be in contact with moisture and other chemicals . When transporting the need to prevent fall roll handling , collision . Airtight storage for three years does not affect use .

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