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    T307-type zinc oxide desulfurizer

    First, Properties and Uses
    T307 -type zinc oxide desulfurizer is the removal of all kinds of gas at room temperature or a lower temperature (100 ~ 150 ℃), a liquid sulfide compound plateau efficient scavenger . T307 after treatment , the sulfur content of the feed from the plateau 1 ~ 10ppm down to below 0.1ppm .
    Gas and liquid feed if they contain ppm level plateau trace water , will be able to promote the purifying process.
    If a higher plateau COS and other organic sulfur compound content , you can type in the T307 T503 series before the COS hydrolysis catalyst bed to ensure exports remained at 0.1ppm or less degree of purification . 1991 won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
    Second, product quality standards
    Appearance white strips
    Specifications Φ5 mm
    A bulk density of 1.0 to 1.2 kg / l
    Radial crush strength ≥ 50 N / cm
    Sulfur capacity ≥ 10%
    Third, the normal process conditions
    Operating pressure atmospheric ~ 5 Mpa
    Operating temperature at room temperature
    Gas airspeed 500 ~ 2000 h-1
    Liquid airspeed 1 ~ 5 h-1
    Loading height / column diameter > 3
    Plateau material 1 ~ 10 ppm sulfur content
    Export sulfur content <0.1 ppm
    Fourth, industrial application and application prospects
    This product has been since the late eighties material widely used in Plateau domestic propylene desulfurization devices and four sets of Oxo dozens of sets of large , medium and small polypropylene unit , with favorable results . The product is due to its low activity, and easy to operate, as well as energy saving effect is obvious desulfurization , brought great economic benefits to the user , it has an extremely wide range of applications .
    Fifth, packaging and storage
    T307 type dechlorination agent used iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 40 kg . This product must not be in contact with moisture and acidic substances . Prevent the collision threw roll handling during transportation . Airtight storage for three years does not affect use.

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