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    T403 type antichlor

    First, Properties and Uses
    T403 type antichlor is antichlor at room temperature or low temperature conditions , mainly for gas , liquid hydrocarbons refined hydrogen chloride removal , while the removal of hydrocarbon material in the sulfides.
    T403 type dechlorination agent wide range of purification and high chlorine content is also high , the performance of similar foreign products G32-w type dechlorination agent. Obtain satisfactory results in propylene dechlorination process. 1991 won the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
    Second, product quality standards
    Appearance black amorphous or strips
    Size 4 to 10 mesh or Φ4 × 4 ~ 6 mm
    Bulk density 0.4 ~ 0.6 g / ml
    Wear rate <3%
    Penetrating chlorine content> 8%
    Third, the normal process conditions
    Pressure ~ 5.0 MPa operating pressure
    Operating temperature at room temperature
    Liquid airspeed 1 ~ 5 h-1
    Gas airspeed 200 ~ 2000 h-1
    Than the bed height and column diameter of > 4
    Imported plateau feed chlorine content <500 ppm
    Export Highland compound chlorine content ( as HCl ) <0.2 ppm
    Fourth, industrial application and application prospects
    The product has been used for many years in propylene dechlorination processes Qilu Petrochemical, Daqing Petrochemical, Jilin Chemical Company , north of the four plants, etc. Oxo device to good effect.
    Fifth, packaging and storage
    T403 type dechlorination agent used iron ( lined with plastic ) packaging , net weight 15 kg . This product must not be in contact with moisture and acidic substances . Prevent the collision threw roll handling during transportation . Airtight storage for three years does not affect use.

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