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    KT405 type antichlor

    A, properties and uses

    KT405 dechlorinating agent suitable for high content of nitrogen,hydrogen chloride synthesis gas and naphtha yuan material fine dechlorination, has the very high weight chlorine content and degree of purification, even if the chlorine content in material is as high as 1000 ~ 2000ppm, after processing can be less than 0.1ppm. If the yuan feed gas of chlorine in the form of organic chlorine, you should first by cobaltmolybdenum or nickel molybdenum hydrotreating catalyst in the hydrogenation conversion to HCl, then KT405 dechlorinating agent to remove. In addition, the dechlorination agent has sufficient mechanical strength, good stability and selectivity, can withstand the test of long-term operation of the device.

    Two, product quality standards

    The appearance of gray white strips

    Specification of Φ 5 m

    Reactor 0.7 heavier than ~ 1 kg/l

    The radial compression force is more than 70 N/cm

    Penetration of chlorine containing ≥ 30%

    Saturated chlorine containing ≥ 50%

    Three, normal conditions

    Operating pressure and pressure to 5 MPa

    The operating temperature of 250 ~ 400 ℃

    The air speed of 500 ~ 3000 H-1

    The height of the bed / tower diameter > 4

    The chlorine content of 1 ~ 200 yuan in the imported material ppm

    The chlorine content of < export yuan material 0.1 ppm

    Four. The industrial application situation and Prospect

    KT405 dechlorinating agent has been successfully applied to the QiluPetrochemical refinery, Shanghai Petrochemical Co, Maoming petrochemical refinery, Jinzhou refinery, Jiujiang petrochemical plant,Fujian refinery, Shijiazhuang refinery, Petrochemical Company refineryequipment.

    Five, packaging and storage

    KT405 dechlorinating agent (the drum lined with plastic bag packaging,each net weight 30 kg). This product should be dampproof and can not be in contact with acidic substances. To prevent the transportation loading and unloading falling roll and collision. Sealed storage for 3 yearsdoes not affect the use.

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