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    Kunshan Fine Chemical Research Institute Co., LTD., affiliated to Shanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group and located in Kunshan National New and Hi-Tech Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. Shanghai to the south, and Suzhou to the north. Our company was established in 1990, is a science, industry and trade as one of the state-owned enterprises, mainly engaged in natural gas, petrochemical, refining, synthetic ammonia, methanol, acetic acid, butyl octyl alcohol and other industries of varieties of feed gas (oil) cleaning catalyst research, development, production and sales.

    Our company has more than 20 years development and research exerience in purification catalysts, strong technology development strength, complete central detection equipments and advanced production equipments. Our senior, intermediatete technicians accounted for the entire staff of 30%, with a rich experience in technology development, after-sales service. Our company firstly passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and Safety Standardization Management Companies in the domestic industry. In july 2005, audit identified by Suzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, listed as the title of first batch Clean Production Enterprise; In september 2007, audit identified by Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, awarded the title of Research Enterprise. In 2008, identified as High-Tech Enterprises by Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency. In july 2009, recommended by Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, audit identified by Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, named as Suzhou Catalytic purifying agent preparation materials of Engineering and Technology Research Center. In August 2010, recommended by Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, audit identified by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, awarded the "Innovative Enterprises of Jiangsu Province"; In 2010, on-site audited by  Kunshan Environmental Protection Bureau, identified as the Recycled Economy Enterprise; In 2012, recognized as Kunshan Technology Research and Development Center by Kunshan Technology Bureau.

    Since the company was founded, for the last twenty years, we independently developed desulfurizer, antichlor, dearsenic, desoxidant, hydrolytic agent, more than 30 kinds of Catalytic purifying agent. Our company is the member of CNPC, SINOPEC, “Three Agents” Collaboration Net, CNOOC's primary production supplier. Our Product users are more than one hundred, spread over 20 provinces and cities throughout the country involve in oil refining, polypropylene, hydrogen, methanol, reforming, environmental protection, chemical and other fields. A variety of catalyst purify agent is exported to America, the Middle East, southeast Asia and Africa, etc. Our products passed provincial or ministerial appraisal respectively, won dozens of national and provincial level awards. Butyl octyl alcohol compound material purification with five kinds of purifying agent won National Science-Technology Progress Prize; Type 852 ambient temperature COS hydrolysis catalyst and Type KT310 ambient temperature zinc oxide desulfurizer won National New Product Award and the Science-Technology Progress Prize of Jiangsu Province, New Product of Jiangsu Province, New Technology Golden Bull Prize. KT-3 trans ZnO desulfurizer won the Science-Technology Progress Prize of Suzhou. Benzene Hydrogenation, transformation, TCDD, etc catalytic purifying agent technology and KTA dearsenic agent won the High-Tech Products of Jiangsu Province in 2002

    With the purpose of "Quality First, Technology-based, Seeking Excellence, Customers Satisfaction", we are committed to helping our customers to succeed, contributing to society and providing the quality catalyst products and excellent service for users home and abroad.

    Our general manager with all the staff appreciates the long-term support from our old and new customers, and warmly welcome domestic and abroad customers to visit our company and give guidance to our work..

    All rights reserved:Kunshan Institute of Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. 

    Add:No. 138 Dongfang Road Town, Kunshan Tel:0512-5035 8506 Fax:0512-5035 8506

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